COVID19 and the latest information about the treatment at our clinic

Dear patients,

Considering the recomendation of the Slovak Government, chief Hygienist and others associated in gynaecology and assisted reproduction, we would like to inform you about healthcare at our clinic in next 14 days (until 29th March):

  1. If you are already in stimulation process, your IVF cycle will be completed and after Egg collection created embryos will be frozen and embryotransfer will be postponed.
  2. All FETs (frozen embryotransfer) will be postponed regardles if it was already planned or not. To get more information about next steps get in touch with our coordinators.
  3. In emergency situation all consultations will be provided by phone or you can send us your queries to email address below.
  4. All booked consultations for new patients and existing patients will be postopned. Availability you can check on telephone numbers below.

We applied all these precautions to protect you and all your and our relatives.

For more queries do not hesitate to contact us:

E-mail: info@repromedica.sk

Telefón: +421 2209 216 90 / +421 903 992 626

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