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Who are the donated oocytes for?

For some women there is only one possible way of having their own child. A complete family can be established only with the assistance of reproductive medicine via donated ova and oocytes.

The most frequent causes why a woman is in need of donation of oocytes:

  • premature menopause
  • patients who had chemo/radiotherapy
  • serious  endometriosis
  • state after ovary surgery
  • poor quality of the patient’s oocytes and embryos
  • bearers or transferring agents of a genetic disease

In these cases donation of oocytes is the only efficient method of infertility treatment. Ova, gained from an anonymous donor, is fertilised with partner’s sperm and such created embryos are re-transferred into the female patient’s womb.

Who are our donors of oocytes?

They are exclusively young women aged 18 – 33. We use only oocytes gained from voluntary, young and healthy donors. There’s no way that we would use redundant ova of our patients. No donor has undergone infertility treatment and donation of ova is their free decision.

To be included into our programme of donation, the donor has to fulfil strict criteria and undergo following tests and exams:

  • ultrasound and hormonal examinations
  • psychological interview
  • tests on presence of sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, HbsAg, HCV, CMV, syphilis, chlamydia)
  • genetic examination that includes genetic consultation, karyotype examination and examination of cystic fibrosis mutation (CF)

Donation of ova is anonymous for both partners in accordance with the law.

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