Basic examination

  • basic gynaecologic examination
  • ultrasound (US) examination of small pelvis
  • examination of hormonal level (blood tests) – hormonal profile 
  • microbiological examination of vagina and cervix  (chlamydia, ureoplasma, microplasma)
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • assessment of the condition of internal genitals – fallopian tubes, ovaries, womb, alternatively removing of intergrowth, sources of endometriosis etc. (ultrasound examination – HyFoSy or laparoscopy – LSK)
  • immunological examination (antibodies against sperm, placenta structures and ovary)

Additional examinations

  • endocrinology
  • diabetes
  • haematological  examination looking for diseases which can cause increased blood clotting with the following higher probability of a spontaneous abortion
  • genetic examination if there is suspicion for genetic fertility disorder
  • psychological and sexological examination (problems during intercourse, psychoreactive disorders etc.)

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