In 2010 WHO (World Health Organisation) standardized the diagnostics of male infertility classifying the spermogram (SPG), which provides diagnostics of sperm morphology, as the basic test. It concerns a complete initial test of a couple, any other examination is illogical especially for a woman, unless her partner’s SPG result is known. We are THE ONLY clinic in Slovakia which introduced standardized sperm analysis in line with WHO (2010) using a PC analyser “MedeaLab CASA”.

System Advantage:

  • objectivized SPG evaluation (concentration, sperm mobility and morphology)
  • SPG results are generated in few seconds
  • each SPG result is recorded and stored to allow sample re-analysis or comparison with the next test.

Morphological Analyzer of Sperm MedeaLab CASA


Evaluation of sperm mobility using MedeaLab CASA

Fragmentation of sperm DNA

Stress, the environment, doses of medication or the influence of free radicals significantly impact the production and quality of sperm. The extent of such influence may even damage DNA (genetic material) of sperm at times and thus reduce the probability of ovum fertilization and correct division of embryo, embryo hatching in womb may fail and then frequent spontaneous miscarriages follow. The solution consists of testing the integrity of chromatin (fragmentation of DNA of sperm).

Who is a subject of the integrity test?

  • couples with no other confirmed reason of infertility
  • couples who underwent repeated IVF cycles without success
  • couples with repeated spontaneous miscarriages, missed abortion or biochemical pregnancy
  • couples with male partner treated for varicocele in the past
  • couples with spermogram repeatedly showing increased values of leucocytes


If the ejaculate lacks sperm, sperm may be surgically obtained directly from man’s testicles and epididymis.

MESA – Micro Epididymal Sperm Aspiration directly from man’s epididymis, if the sperm transport between epididymis and ureter is interrupted and if sperm accumulates in epididymis after sperm ducts close.

TESE – Testicular Sperm Extraction, i.e. sperm is obtained directly from testicles, collected tissue is processed in laboratory, and the presence of sperm is evaluated. Obtained sperm is used to fertilize female partner’s oocytes using ICSI method, sperm can be also frozen.


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