AZH – assisted zonal hatching

Micromanipulative technique, when on a tiny spot the embryo membrane (zona pellucida) is perforated.  The nesting of embryo in the womb mucous membrane is conditioned by moving the embryo out of zona pellucida, which protects the embryo throughout the cultivation. In some cases, there is a possibility of embryo implantation failure caused by excessively hard zona pellucida. Using laser ray we can gently perforate the membrane and free the way for the embryo. There is no risk of damaging embryo with AZH.


EmbryoGlue® is a medium used for embryo transfer into the womb. It inter alia contains all nutrients necessary for optimum embryo development but also substance called hyaluronan in higher concentration. Hyaluronan is naturally found in higher concentration in follicular fluid, as well as in ovary fluid and in womb, where it creates environment with higher viscosity. An independent research has shown higher chance to achieve pregnancy if cultivation medium EmbryoGlue® is used in embryo transfer into womb, in comparison with a medium with lower concentration or without any hyaluronan. EmbryoGlue® can be used at transfer of embryo of any stage of development from two days old embryo to blastocyst regardless of the fact the embryo is fresh or frozen.


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