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Cultivation of embryos

Embryo cultivation in laboratory usually comes 2 to 5 days after the puncture of ovaries took place.

If there is a higher number of embryos, the best choice is an embryo morphologically developed in standard five day cultivation, which enables to control and select the most suitable embryos for transfer (=transfer into womb).

If the number of embryos is low (2 – 3 embryos) and those have shown differences in their development at the beginning of cultivation, there is a possibility to transfer the embryos into the womb on the second or the third day of cultivation.

ET – Embryotransfer

Embryotransfer – transfer of embryos into the womb is an easy, painless procedure similar to regular gynaecology examination. Embryos are placed into womb cavity using a thin transfer catheter.

KET – Cryoembryotransfer

KET or transfer of defrosted embryos proceeds the same way as embryotransfer. Preparation of patient for KET is based on hormonal stimulation of womb mucous membrane, controlled with ultrasound. Embryos are defrosted, their quality is assessed and after a short cultivation they are placed into womb cavity using a thin transfer catheter.


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