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Intrauterine insemination – IUI

If the found value of spermogram is standard and a woman has a regular ovulation, the couple can be recommended intrauterine insemination, which means the introduction of “cleared” sperm of the partner or a donor directly into the uterine cavity with a thin catheter.

Which couples is IUI suitable for?

In case of insemination with husband’s sperm, both partners have to fulfil some conditions to choose a this type of fertilisation:

man: normozoospermia or a light disorder SPG,

woman: the ability of fertilisation from the hormonal point of view, at least of one oviduct must be unobstructed, without infection of genitourinary tract.

IUI-AID – in case it is impossible to use husband’s sperm, there is a possibility to use intrauterine insemination with donor’s sperm.


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