Native – natural cycle

During native IVF cycle, no hormonal medicaments for ovary stimulation are used. We use natural ovulation instead, which is evaluated based on examination of hormonal levels found in blood and ultrasound examination. The aim of this treatment is to gain one ripe ovum, which is then fertilised using ICSI method. This method is suitable for women with regular ovulation.

Soft cycle

Soft cycle or minimal stimulation of ovary uses low doses of stimulants. The aim of this treatment is to gain between 2 to 5 oocytes.

Stimulation and IVF cycle

Using medicaments we stimulate ovulation, so that more follicles are produced in ovary in which oocytes grow. There are a few basic procedures, so called protocols of ovulation stimulation, within assisted reproduction. For every patient a particular protocol is chosen, special hormonal preparation to stimulate ovulation. Equally, we individually prepare the doses of medicaments during the stimulation itself, based on hormonal levels examination in blood combined with ultrasound exam. To stimulate ovary activity we use only certificated preparations with harmonic effect on organism and the lowest risk of undesirable effect.


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