ME – Monitoring of embryos

Non-invasive continual monitoring of embryos is a method of embryo cultivation in vitro, which allows to control the embryo development without the need to monitor it under the microscope outside the incubator.  It makes it possible to watch the development on a monitor. The selection of the most suitable embryo for transfer is more effective, thus, the chance for successful pregnancy is higher.


Main advantages of ME are:

  • minimization of embryo manipulation, which lowers the risk of damage
  • permanent overview on the state of all embryos
  • exact regulation of CO2, O2 and regulation of temperature during cultivation of embryos
  • exact documentation of the state of the embryos

This quite a new method introduced in assisted reproduction allows better selection of embryos suitable for transfer into womb and increases the percentage of pregnancies after the treatment. We use EmbryoScope for permanent monitoring.


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