MUDr. Marek Drábek, PhD., Chief Physician at the Reproductive Medicine Clinic – ReproMedica

We notice the highest decrease of woman’s fertility at the age of 35. The natural fertilization is still possible.

Women older than 40 have lower chances to get pregnant. 12.5% of women aged 40 – 42 get pregnant thanks to assisted reproduction, compared to 4.9% of women aged 42 and 43.  The probability at the age of 44 and more is only 2.5%.

Early treatment increases the chances of pregnancy and its successful progress. The natural age limit for pregnancies is 45 to 50. There is not any legally imposed age limit for assisted reproduction applicable to IVF Clinics. Thanks to the assisted reproduction even older women can get pregnant. The majority of reproductive medicine clinics defined their own age limit in the infertility treatment.

The older the woman, the less ova and follicles. The ovary has two main functions – to produce ova and hormones. Women are not aware of the mitigated production of ova and cannot notice the absence of their production. First of all, we need to examine the ovary reserve of these women. This reserve combines three parameters which precisely establish the ability of ovaries to produce ova. First there is an ultrasound test, the number of follicles (small cavities with ova) are counted. This test is followed by blood draws and measurements of fertility hormones, FSH and  AMH.

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